Join the Radical Pleasure Tribe to go from People PLEASER TO Personal PLEASURE so you could finally BE in the relationship you deeply desire! Take all that energy you put into toxic relationships and use it to step into your body again, to step into your power, and to be passionate again. There is nothing you need to diminish or tone down.  When you know and trust yourself, you unbury the woman who attracts the best romantic relationships (including your soulmate), the best career and business opportunities, the best friends who all LOVE, SUPPORT, ACCEPT, AND UPLIFT YOU exactly as you are.

You'll receive to-the-point articles on relationships, communication, sexuality, intimacy, and love and my FREE visualization on how to PLAY WITH AND USE YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY. The visualization helps you embody your power, sexuality, and creativity.

I wish you pleasure and joy!
Sophia Treyger
Radical Pleasurist & Intimacy Coach

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